Teach you how to choose a safe and beautiful Zhongshan shower room

For the layout of the bathroom, more and more people choose to dry and wet separation, which is not only convenient but also safe. With the construction of modern homes, shower rooms have become a fashion trend. Many people prefer shower rooms to bathtubs. How to choose a safe and beautiful shower room? Teach you seven tricks to get a shower room!
1. The main glass of the shower room should be explosion-proof
The quality of the glass is very critical. Ordinary glass can not be used as a shower room. Tempered glass must be used, and the following four aspects must be followed:
There are 3C certification marks,
The thickness of the tempered glass is generally 6mm-8mm;

Check whether there is damage on the edge of the glass, whether the chamfering and edging treatment is smooth, and the probability of self-explosion after installation of the problematic product will be much greater;
It is best to stick an explosion-proof film on the glass. Even if there is really a problem, the glass fragments will only adhere to the film and will not hurt people;
Many merchants have launched tempered glass or laminated glass with SGCC certification, the price will be more expensive than ordinary tempered glass, and the product itself has an explosion-proof function.
2. The shower room aluminum should be strong
The thickness of the poor aluminum material is only 0.7mm-1.1mm, mostly made of recycled waste aluminum material; the surface has trachoma, pinholes, dark color, soft texture and easy to deform. It is difficult to clean up at home and easily cause the shower room to explode.
Good aluminum material is not only strictly selected, but also has multiple layers on the surface. The coating is firm, the color is bright and will not corrode, and the thickness will be 1.2mm-1.5mm, and some can even reach 2mm.
3. The sliding rail of the shower room should be smooth

It is difficult to pull the poor-quality slide rail, and the glass is prone to explode when the force is unevenly pulled.
Therefore, the wheelbase of the pulley should use pressure-resistant and heavy-resistant materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. The sealing of the wheel seat is good, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, the smoothness of the wheel can be guaranteed.
4. The handle of the shower room should be safe
The handle of the shower room should not be too abrupt; especially if there are elderly people or children at home, it is easy to be injured if you hit the corner handle when you take a shower.
It’s better to choose a sleek appearance, smooth and easy to switch.
5. The rubber strip in the shower room should be tight
The water vapor in the shower room is heavy, the temperature is high, and the adhesive strips made of polymers are easy to age, and generally need to be replaced every one or two years.
The sealing strip of a high-quality shower room should not have a breakpoint at the hinge. The sealing strip between the glass doors must be magnetic for better sealing performance.
6. Choose the shower room door to be comfortable
Sliding doors do not take up space and are more suitable for families with smaller toilets, but the slide rails are easy to accumulate dirt or fall into hard objects and are not easy to clean.
The swing door is suitable for a large-area bathroom. The switch is convenient and effortless, but it should be used with all force, and there should be no objects that are easy to bump next to it. You can choose different opening methods according to the situation at home.

7. Choose the shower room function to be practical
The shower room is divided into an overall shower room and a simple shower room by function.
The overall shower room has more functions, including steam, massage, sauna, shower, etc., the price is higher, generally can not be customized, it is more suitable for families with elderly and children at home, and a higher quality of life.
The simple shower room has noroof”, it is easy to clean, and the price is more economical.

Post time: 2020-06-04