GS-6094 Frameless Fixed Glass Panel

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This fixed glass panel can instantly make the bathroom look bigger and brighter, adding a fresh and modern feel yet having the versatility to complement any bathroom style.

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● Fully Frameless Glass Shower PanelSingle Fixed Panel
● Premium 3/8 (10mm) ANSI certified tempered safety glass
● GHS has a huge selection of fixed glass panel widths from 4″ – 60″ if this shower model is not suitable
● Glass treated with Nano Self cleaning, the revolutionary, non-stick treatment that makes cleaning shower glass easy and repels soap scum, grime and dirt, reducing your cleaning time by up to 90%

Product Details
● Product Type: Fixed Glass Panel
● Frame Type: Frameless
● Door Configuration: Reversible
● Glass Texture: Tin-aw


Glass Fixed Clip


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