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Tempered Glass Decking Panels. Also known as: Glass deck railing, Glass balcony panels, Glass balusters, Glass fence panels and Glass deck panels.

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Product Name Toughened Tempered Glass
Function: Shower Room GlassDecorating Glass
Shape: Curve, Flat
उत्पत्ति का स्थान: Guangdong, China
Glass Colors Clear, Extra Clear, Bronze, Grey, Blue and Green, etc.
Thickness 4मिमी, 5मिमी, 6मिमी, 8मिमी
Sizes Max. आकार:1200मिमी * 2400मिमी / Min. आकार: 300मिमी * 300मिमी


Certificate: CCC, BS6206, SGCC,ANSI, EN12150
Packing: Strong plywood crate
Production time: 10-20 DAYS
आपूर्ति की योग्यता: 100000 /Square Meters per Month
Port Foshan,Shen’zhen

Can be frameless

With Handrails

Glass edge making

Packaging Details

Customized export strong plywood crate packaging, use protective paper film and soft wood pad for seprate glass avoid breaking. High safety for upload, unload, and transportation.

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