How to choose a shower room? Remember these tricks, no worries about wet and dry separation!

그만큼 shower room has become a must-have for many families, so how to choose a shower room?
1. Look at the glass, glass is the main part of the shower room, and it is also the key to the safety of use; choose real tempered glass, the thickness is 6-8MM, 3C certification + explosion-proof film is standard! Conditional users can choose products with glass anti-fouling and easy-clean technology, and the user experience is better!
2. Select the profile, the frame is like the skeleton of the shower room, you must have enough strength to better support the glass! Most of the shower room profiles on the market are stainless steel and aluminum alloy, both of which have advantages, which can be selected according to the situation, but it should be noted that the thickness of the profile must be at least 1.2MM, the thicker the stronger, of course, the price is higher!

3. Pay attention to the tightness. The core function of the shower room is to separate wet and dry. The tightness is poor. The use of water leakage will make the user experience worse. 따라서, the details of the door seal magnetic strip and sealant strip related to the sealing of the product can not be ignored. If the seal strip has an odor, yellow surface, rough process, and most of them are inferior products, you must not choose!
4. Small hardware parts, such as hinge hinges and track pulleys, are used frequently in daily use, so pay special attention when purchasing. For example, the hinge is recommended to use the 3+2 design, which adds a support point than the traditional hinge, which is stable and durable and prevents falling. The pulley track is also a component used at a high frequency. It can be pushed and pulled on the spot when you buy it. It is smooth and quiet, and it is more reliable! 드디어, as a common non-standard customized product, the shower room must be adjusted according to the actual needs of the home in terms of material selection, style, size, and accessories.

게시 시간: 2020-06-22
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