What are the precautions for shower room decoration

1. The decoration of the shower room is complicated, and it can not be decorated casually. Before the decoration of the bathroom, you should design it well, do wiring in advance, and set up protective switch devices to avoid burying hidden leakage hazards for future use and endangering To your own safety.
2. When choosing a shower room, the size must be paid attention to, and the appropriate product should be selected according to the area and height of the bathroom. If the shower room is too low or too high, it will bring uncomfortable feelings. Generally speaking, the height of the shower room is about 2.1 meters. When installing, you need to add 10 cm. At this time, you need to consider your own bathroom the height of.
3. When choosing, the glass of the shower room is very important, but it is not to say that the thicker the glass, the better. In general, the glass used in the shower room with a flat door is relatively large, and its stability is relatively poor. Therefore, you should choose a later glass, preferably larger than 5 cm; and the fan-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, movable door and other showers The room can choose 5 cm thick glass.

4. Before the middle decoration, waterproof treatment must be done, but after all, the shower room is the most concentrated area of ​​water, so everyone must not be underestimated and should observe the water seepage situation, so as not to cause inconvenience in the future use process.
5. When decorating the bathroom shower room, the most basic and most important point is to buy regular products. Don’t be tempted to be cheap for a while, but buy products with well-known brands and good after-sales service. 3c certificates, quality inspection certificates, and patent certificates are indispensable to ensure safer use.
6. The heating equipment must be isolated as far as possible from the shower room, so as not to cause the heating equipment to be wet and affect the use; at the same time, to avoid the high temperature of the heating equipment from affecting the shower room glass.
What are the dimensions of the shower room
When we make the size of the shower room, if we meet the curved shower room, and the size is 900mm*900mm, then most can choose this size of the bathroom shower room, especially It is when we do it according to a certain proportion, because of the limitation of the bathroom area, we need to consider and design in many different aspects.

Post time: 2020-06-24