GS-6097 Screen Frameless Fixed Glass Panel with Clear Nano Tempered Glass

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This collection of walk-in shower panels is a welcome addition to any contemporary bathroom. It is elegant and functional, giving the entire shower space a sense of high-end luxury with a modern appeal. Expand the possibility for efficient use of space with the bright and open design of a doorless shower.

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● U-channel allows up to 1/2 дар. adjustment for out-of-plumb (uneven walls) on each panel

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● Product Type: Fixed Glass Panel
● Frame Type:Semi-Frameless
● Door Opening: Screen
● Door Configuration: Баргардонида мешавад
● Glass Texture: Тоза


Stainless Steel U-channel
304-силсилаи сахтафзор аз пӯлоди зангногир ба зангзанӣ ва доғдорӣ муқовимат мекунад


Angle glass fixing


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