Glass door maintenance

1. The handle is damaged and the glass door has been used for a long time. The handrail is relatively easy to damage, mainly because of the large amount of contact. For example, when used, the handle will automatically bear a lot of gravity. After a long period of wear, it is easy to fall off. situation. In such cases, the glass door should be removed first and then replaced with new armrests during maintenance. If it is not used for a long time, you can check the consumption of handrails, and then carry out maintenance.
2. The pulley is damaged. Roller skating is one of the important parts of the glass door. It is recommended to check it regularly. Once a malfunction occurs, it will cause inconvenience in use. For example, there are various unsmooth or mixed noises. At this time, first, check the damage of the roller skate, and then see if it is serious. If it cannot be used, the problematic part can be replaced, or the entire wheel can be replaced directly to restore the glass door to normal.
3. The door is not tight. The most prone problem in the use of glass doors is that the door cannot be closed, or when the door is closed, there is a deviation in the correct position. Many people think that it is a problem with floor springs, which is not the case. It should be a problem with the glass door clamp or the closure. Only when the glass door is opened and closed, the lower end of the door falls, or even rubs against the ground, is this a failure of the floor spring. When the door is not tightly closed, first check whether the glass door clip is loose. You can add one or two leather cushions and tighten it with a screwdriver. If the glass door clamp is broken, replace the glass door clamp. Then adjust the hydraulic valve of the door closer. If the door closing force is too small, the door will not be closed tightly.
4. There is a sound when opening and closing the door. If there is a sound when opening and closing the door, the glass door sags, most likely the floor spring is broken. Once this situation is discovered, it must be dealt with in a timely manner. Otherwise, the floor spring and the door frame will be seriously damaged, and even the glass door will crack and break due to excessive pressure or excessive friction.
5. If the carton is checked, it is found that there is no problem with the glass door, that is, there is a carton phenomenon. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether something has fallen into the doorway. Foreign objects in the glass door can be cleaned out. When repairing, inspect the glass door parts to see if they are damaged or if new parts need to be replaced.

Post time: 2020-06-18