Why Choose a Tempered Glass Door?

What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is a type of safe glass . Unlike ordinary (or “annealed”) glass, tempered glass is very resistant to stress and damage, being very difficult to break. On top of that, if it does break, it won’t shatter into the jagged shards and sharp splinters typical of annealed glass. Instead, the unique tension patterns in tempered glass mean that it breaks into small, rounded or cube-shaped pieces, without sharp edges or points, making tempered glass far less dangerous than other glass types and rightly qualifying it to bear the common name “safety glass.”

Tempered glass is made by heating glass to a certain level, then cooling it rapidly with jets of cold air. This causes the surface of the glass to cool at a different speed to the interior, causing differences in expansion and contraction. These differences result in the surface being placed under compression, and the interior being placed under tension. As glass is much stronger under compression than in any other situation, this means that any external force must exceed the force of the compression before it can damage the glass itself, should that happen, the differential stress causes the tempered glass to shatter into its distinctive rounded pieces.

Why Choose a Tempered Glass Door?

Tempered glass doors are ideal for use as office glass doors or interior glass doors in your home thanks to their unique combination of utility and aesthetic. Available in a range of styles to suit any requirements, and with a versatility that’s hard to match, they are popular for reasons including:


Tempered glass doors can be made to any specifications you may have, and are an excellent choice for a range of interior glass door applications. Available in clear, tinted, low-iron glass and satin glass (sometimes called “frosted glass”), your interior glass door can be made to suit your needs – whether you need transparency, privacy or a combination of the two. Your glass door can even feature a design, logo or pattern, giving it that little bit more personification, and can be made completely from scratch to your specifications as a bespoke glass door. Whatever you need, the factory can help you make the interior glass door of your dreams.


As mentioned above, tempered glass is much more durable than ordinary glass – but you may not have known that it can even be more durable than some wooden doors! Hardy and difficult to damage, a tempered office glass door will resist wear and tear, and is easy to maintain. Keeping it clean is simply a matter of wiping it down, and any scratches in the glass can simply be polished out !


It’s hard to beat the gorgeous, modern aesthetic of an interior glass door. Available in a range of glass types and with a huge variety of available patterns and designs on the glass, these bespoke glass doors are perfect for making an area seem larger and more open, letting more light pass through and creating a lighter, more open environment. Clear glass doors allow vision across the office or into other rooms of the home, and don’t block visual communication, while satin glass can easily create more privacy for a meeting room or private office, without blocking too much light.


As mentioned before, a tempered glass door is a much safer option than a door made from any other type of glass. Highly resistant to damage, and with the trait of shattering into rounded pieces instead of jagged shards, a bespoke glass door made from safety glass is a much safer option than many other glass types can provide.

Post time: 2020-11-04