GS-6082 Frameless Polished Chrome Glass Sliding Shower Door


Silently Slide Open with Versatile Left or Right-Side Installation

The adjustable frameless shower door is everything you want and need to complete your bathroom remodel. The sliding door has a fixed glass panel, made from 3/8" SGCC -certified clear tempered glass to resist dangerous breakage, shards, and streaks. Incredibly sturdy and stable, the door has top rail support that ensures wall anchoring and reinforces wall stability. Its rails are stainless steel tubes, built to withstand more than the required weight. In addition to the full-length clear seal strips, the door also has a single water deflector that redirects water toward the inside of the shower. Impressive in both look and feel.




型号编号: GS-6082
开放式: Sliding Door
玻璃厚度: 8-10 毫米
尺寸: 1000-1500×1800-2400毫米
发源地: 佛山市
起订量 1 每件套
玻璃成品: 奈米, 丝印, 图案, 磨砂,防爆膜
供应能力: 1000 每月件数
优点 1. 简洁优雅
2. 带有SAI AS / NZS的钢化玻璃 2208, BS6206, EN12150-1,
CCC certifications
3. 定制尺寸和材料
Port of delivery 佛山市 / 深圳港.
delivery time 20 到 30 收到预付款后的几天.
terms of payment 电汇 30% 预先存入, 和 70% 交货之前. 在您支付余额之前,我们将向您显示产品和包装的照片或视频.



高质量 304 stainless steel handle. 自定义尺寸和样式 .


Roller features sliding roller disks with 3/8-inch built-in adjustability for out-of-plumb walls

Seal Strip
304-series Stainless Steel hardware resists corrosion and tarnish
Fixed panel holders and wall mount brackets ensure wall anchoring while reinforcing wall stability


Adjustable horizontal sizing to allow for an easy installation